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Ctrl + Alt + Del

You may or may not have heard this before, but the people you surround yourself with (the company you keep) might be restricting the amount of success you're experiencing in different areas of your life. The friends that you grew up with might not be going in the same direction that you are looking to go in with your life. (And direction could mean your career, your relationship(s), or even your overall life purpose). Those friends might still be into the same things that you were all into years ago and might not see or have the same values that you have. Once you grow and begin to welcome new life experiences, then all of a sudden...

"You've changed"

"You're not the way you used to be"

"You're never around"

And all of this is just distracting you from reaching your goals. Because now you're left with the choice: should I try to please my friends and go back to being the same person that I used to be? Or should I try to please myself and walk in the direction of my purpose?

Understand that not everyone is going to walk in the same direction as you. If you aspire to be an entrepreneur and your friends are employed at 9-5 jobs, it doesn't mean you should separate yourself from your group of friends because they aren't doing the same exact thing you are doing. But you should ask yourself:

Do your friends encourage and support you in your dreams, goals, and endeavors?

Are your friends understanding when you can't make it to every event or cannot answer the phone right away each time to chit-chat?

Do your friends have your best interest in mind?

Do your friends take a genuine interest in what you do and what you're trying to do?

Are your friends honest and upfront with you?

If you've answered No to at least two of these questions, then it's a possibility that the friends you're surrounding yourself with are stopping or restricting your success in life. Remember that positivity is key. If you're getting a bad vibe from your tribe, don't continue to force yourself to be exposed to the negativity. Sometimes a conversation can fix the problem, other times the inevitable is bound to happen. That's when you simply press the CTRL + ALT +DEL button and remove the negativity from your lie.

So what are the types of friends you should surround yourself with on your journey to success? Here's a list of who should make the final cut (no pun intended)!

The Comedian

A simple happy go lucky guy or gal that doesn't take life too seriously. Someone that when you're having a bad day or feeling defeated, you can call for a quick laugh or two. Even though your bad day might not change once you get off the phone, just knowing that you have a 5-10 minute escape from it is therapeutic enough.

The Therapist

Speaking of therapy...the next type of friend you should have is one that always offers good advice. Not a "yes man" that will always take your side to make you feel good, but a person that will tell it like it is. A person that realizes that the truth may hurt, but knows that it's necessary in helping you achieve emotional, spiritual, and physical growth. This person is someone that you can trust and someone that wants the best for you in all areas of your life (even if your success begins to outshine theirs).

The Overachiever

This person works his or her rear off in all areas of life. The words: break, pause, stop, and relax do not exist in their vocabulary. Their energy and dedication to everyone and everything inspires you, motivates you, and keeps your grounded. This is a person pushes you toward success without even saying a word, because their confidence and actions speak volumes. This is the mentor you want on your team to help you reach your goals.

The Adventurist

Of course we mean adventurist in a good way. This person is someone that always comes with new ideas, new methods, new approaches to even the simplest problems. They don't believe in walking on a straight path. They've probably visited over 30 countries in their lifetime and nothing will stop them from going out there to get whatever they want out of life. This person will inspire you to try new techniques, never settle, and always face challenges with a smile.

The Connect

This person is the last piece of the puzzle. Personality-wise, this person is usually an extrovert. They're someone who knows so many resourceful people that they're kind of like a walking Angie's List. Looking to apply for a job at a particular corporation? That friend tells you even before you finish your sentence "I'm really good friends with the hiring manager!" Need a recommendation for a great Thai Restaurant for a date? "This place is the absolute best!" And the best part about it is that he/she is helpful each and every time.

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