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Curious if the CLASSROOM TO CORPORATE Career Change Program aligns with your needs? Let's assess together and explore how this program can propel your journey from the classroom to the corporate world.

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Hi, I'm Danielle!

 Former Career Dreamer & Successful Career Coach 

As a fellow career dreamer who once stood at a crossroads, I know the frustration of being trapped in a job that feels far from your true calling.


I've been there, juggling the roles of a full-time educator, devoted mother, and loving wife, feeling stretched thin and disconnected. It was this personal struggle that led me to take a leap of faith, realigning my career with my deepest passions.

Drawing from my own transformative journey and accumulating over 15 years of expertise, I specialize in providing targeted career coaching that equips individuals with the tools and insights needed to navigate career shifts and attain fulfilling positions.


My experience uniquely positions me to understand your challenges and guide you towards a path that truly resonates.

Clients who have journeyed with me testify to the profound impact of my approach. Now, I'm excited to join hands with you, helping you unearth your potential, overcome obstacles, and map out a trajectory that leads to career success and personal fulfillment.

Let's embark on this empowering journey together. Reach out, and let's craft a transformative roadmap tailored to your aspirations.

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Client’s Success - Making Waves in Top Companies!

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Feedback from clients:


Danielle's exceptional career coaching not only enabled me to successfully transition from teaching into my a new industry but also led me to securing a remarkable $30,000 salary increase. Her guidance and support went far beyond the typical generic advice, as she recognized and addressed my specific fears and concerns throughout the entire process.

- Dajah


Working with Danielle has been an absolute game-changer for me in my journey! It's hard to put into words just how much she has empowered me to overcome my fears and go after a new career path. I can confidently say that without Danielle's guidance and belief in me, I would not have found the courage to leave my comfort zone and accept a new job offer.

- Raquel


Danielle is an exceptional career coach who has played a pivotal role in transforming my professional trajectory. Her dedication and expertise is what made her stand out among the rest. Unlike any other coach I've encountered, Danielle goes above and beyond to ensure that her clients not only achieve their dreams but surpass them.

- Hamda

What you can expect during the discovery call:




We will discuss your current teaching career, your goals, and the next best steps you can take to navigate your desired career change.

We’ll also work to evaluate if you might be a good fit for the Classroom to Corporate Career Change Course (which has been tested and proven to give you EVERYTHING you need to fast-track your career change.

Consider this strategy session as an opportunity, not a commitment. I'm here to assist you in defining your objectives and see if the resources I provide align with your requirements. If it turns out we're not the perfect fit, that's completely fine! My focus is on discovering the best solution for you.

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