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Quick and Easy Tips to Keep Your Resume Updated

Imagine this scenario: A once in a blue moon opportunity pops up where you can secure a promotion (meaning more $$$). But you haven’t updated your resume in years. Now you’re stuck trying to put all of your achievements, new certifications, and more in resume to meet a tight deadline.

Situations like this happen more often than you can imagine. Professionals from entry level to C-level reach out to me for a quick turnaround time on resume services because of an unplanned event that requires them to have an updated resume document.

I know first-hand the stress that my clients endure during these times. But this doesn’t have to be your situation.

Here are a few tips to reduce or even eliminate the stress that you would potentially endure if you find yourself in a similar situation:

1. Set an alert in your calendar 🗓 to remind you to update your resume every 6 months.

2. Use the notes app on your phone to keep a list of accomplishments as you make them.

3. Use a file folder to keep up with all of your employment reviews, awards, and feedback.

When the 6-month mark comes, use the information from your notes app + the papers in your “brag folder” to update your Resume document.

Also consider reaching out to a Resume writer for assistance. Keep in mind that most Resume/Career services companies offer a reduced fee for a minor update (often referred to as a “Resume Refresh" service)

Need immediate assistance?

Check out my Professional Resume and Resume Refresh services.

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