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Handling Stress During Your Job Search

Whether you are employed or unemployed, the job search process can be an extremely stressful experience. It’s the agony of waiting for what seems like forever to get a phone call for an interview. Then having to wait many times after the interview to hear if you got the job of not.

The reality is that job search-related stress can affect your ability to interview well. It can also have an effect on

As a resume writer, I’m very aware of the stress and anxiety that is associated with the job search process. Which is why I’m sharing some tips in this post to help you get through it!

Tip 1: Organize your Job Search

Organization is very essential during a job search. When you're applying for multiple opportunities, there's a good chance you'll be hearing from multiple employers. A disorderly job search can cause a ton of confusion (and not to mention embarrassment!) That's why it's critical to remain organized during your job search. Using the tools in our Job Search Success Bundle can definitely help! Our Job Application Tracker, Job Application Form, and Job Search Guide will help you remain organized while searching for your dream job.

Tip 2: Improve your Job Search

One way to improve your career search is by going beyond job boards and job search engines. Try to use your list of connections, join professional organizations, and/or attend a career-related conference or two! Another strategy that I suggest to career seekers is going to the website of the company to apply for the job directly (rather than competing with all of the job seekers that are applying through websites like,, or

Tip 3: Don't Put All of Your Hopes into One Job Post

Sometimes the job might seem like the perfect fit for you...and you might even be the perfect match for the position. But the reality is the job search process isn't perfect. To avoid the disappointment you might have to face if you do not hear back from the employer or receive notification that you did not receive the job, apply to similar jobs at different companies.

Tip 4: Take a Break

It's OK to take a break from the job search. Just don't abandon it. Take a few days or a week off of the job search. Don't forget to set an alert in your calendar to remind you to resume your job search. You will avoid feeling burned out. You will also be able to come back refreshed and much more motivated to find a job you'll be happy with!

Tip 5: Get Support

The reality is that a job search can lead to a ton of stress and anxiety for some job seekers. And it's completely normal. But do not think that you have to deal with it. Self-care is important during your job search. In addition to self-care, share your feelings with a supportive friend or family member. If you are still feeling down about the entire job search process, do not hesitate to seek counseling.

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