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Oh You Fancy, Huh?

Many times my customers provide me with resumes to update. I actually prefer (and I think my customers prefer) providing their most recent resume because they don't have to spend up to one hour filling out a detailed questionnaire about their professional experience. Usually I will receive an email like:

"My most recent resume is attached. I'm not getting much of a response with this resume. I'm hoping you can help me."

Then I open the resume document and immediately I know why.

Though visually appealing, these resumes are stopping you from even getting beyond many companies' Resume Submission Software. Unless you career is Graphic Design or involves some level of creativity, this type of resume is not going to be effective in helping you get the job you want.

Ever heard of the saying: "less is more"? In terms of graphics, pictures, and designs in a resume LESS is more. Hiring managers want to view your resume for it's content. Graphic-loaded resumes are often low on content, distracting, and very difficult to navigate.

Remember, you have 30-seconds to impress the hiring manager with your resume's content. If they spend the first 30-seconds trying to figure out where to begin, you've lost that job opportunity.

But what if you have a creative resume with a reasonable amount of content, like the resume below:

You're more than likely going to encounter the same problem. Applicant tracking systems (the software that electronically manages and screens candidates for jobs) are not designed to pick up keywords from resume templates like the one above. ATS cannot read words in images, graphics, columns, or text boxes. Once the system is done scanning your resume, you're likely to be labeled as an unqualified candidate, even though the content in your resume might accurately label you as qualified.

Does this mean that you will automatically be rejected as a candidate if you use a creative resume template? No.

But it's not a chance worth taking.

To be on the safe side, use the diagram below from my E-Book "Don't Hire Me" to ensure your resume is "ATS-Friendly":

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