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Online Jobs for College Students

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Having a job while being a college student is possible with the availability of online jobs

You're in college. Living on your own. Making your own rules.

Truly an independent adult. Right?

Well if you're still depending on your parents for money you might not be all the way there. How can you build independence as a college student? By getting a job of course! Thankfully, you might be able to avoid having a work-study job or depending on a student loan refund check with an online job.

There are many opportunities to make money online that doesn't sacrifice your study time, class time, or even your "me-time". (Very different from the ancient times when I attended college 10 years ago!)

For many college students, a job (whether online or "offline"), having an updated resume of your credentials is necessary to start the job search process. Be sure to check out Career Services by Elle - Order Page, where you can order an entry-level/college student resume to get started on your job search today!

Types of Online Jobs

Online jobs can be accessed from anywhere on campus, as long as you have a wifi connection

Online Surveys

Millions of dollars are invested every year into researching opinions and information about consumer relationships. These companies are looking for people like you to take surveys online so that they can learn more about their audience. Online surveys are a great way to make extra cash. The time frame of these surveys usually range from 5-45 minutes and the pay very reasonably.

Online Tutoring

Is there a subject that you are an all star in? Math? Science? Reading? History? If you're highly knowledgeable in one or more academic areas then consider being an Online Tutor. (Keep in mind that many companies require you to have a webcam in order to offer instruction through their tutoring program).

Arts and Crafts

Are you an Art Major? Or just a creative person that enjoys making arts and crafts? Consider selling your products online. Share your innovation and talents with the world through an online marketplace website. Keep in mind there is a small fee paid to the website each time you make a sale, but (depending on how you structure your price,) the profit will be much greater.


Not burned out from typing those ten-page research papers yet? A job as a transcriptionist might be one to consider. If you're a fast typer with a good ear, you might enjoy transcribing audio and video files. With the option of transcribing audio files of various lengths, you can use your downtime to make money as a transcriptionist.

Virtual Worker

Remote work is becoming more and more popular as people are trading the cube for the cloud. These jobs mainly provide data entry work, copywriting, SEO text creation, researches, tagging, or product data management that can be done using any device practically from anywhere.


Do you enjoy sharing content with the world? If you're a fashionista, a photographer, a food enthusiast, or even a dog could be making money off of blogging as a college student. With the opportunity to sponsor paid content and/or use company advertisement off your website, you can make money from bringing traffic to your website.

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