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You spend 40+ hours a week building your career. Showcasing your career-related achievements and growing your personal brand should not become an extra task.


That's why Career Services by Elle created multiple solutions that will help you build your personal brand with ease. Our digital downloads collection is designed to help you take your career to the next level.

Build your personal brand. 
Advance your career.

Personal Branding and Career Solutions

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These templates are created just for career changers. They highlight your relevant skills, strengths, and achievements to help you get the attention of hiring managers and recruiters. Using these templates will also simplify the process of finding/creating a resume (because who wants to do that when it's already done for you?!)


With networking being one of the most effective tools you can employ during  your job search, you'll need the right strategies and scripts to get the best results. Grab this download  that will take your networking to the next level. 


Transferable skills are a major selling point for career changers. This workbook will help you identify and assess your transferable skills -- allowing you to communicate the value that you can bring to your future employer. 


Shifting to a work-from-home culture brings about a ton of new challenges. That's why this guide was created. This guide was designed for professionals just like you, who are transitioning from a traditional work setting to a work-from-home / remote setting.


Download 45 HD-quality, professional LinkedIn cover photos for the top 13 industries (also includes 6 bonus general backgrounds for any industry).In addition to the photos, we've also included a helpful guide that will walk you through the process of how to change your cover photo on LinkedIn.


Whether you're preparing for a job search or in the midst of one, you'll realize that the process can quickly become a full time job. Our Job Search Success Bundle was designed to help you easily manage your job search as you balance all of the other aspects of your life. With our Job Search Success Bundle you'll effectively speed up your job search and remain prepared when a potential employer reaches out to you!


We know that a job interview can be nerve-wrecking. But preparation is the key to a successful interview. Our Job Interview Success Bundle was designed to help you effectively prepare for your job interview & efficiently keep track of your interviews.

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