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Run after your wildest career dreams.

It's time to unleash the power moves on your journey to that dream career. These downloads are your solutions to making bold career transitions.


My range of solutions, tailored for teachers and individuals undergoing career changes, is set to effortlessly meet your career goals. 


This collection of digital downloads is specifically designed to equip you for success in your pursuit of a fulfilling professional path.

Solutions for Transitioning Teachers:

Classroom to Corporate Starter Pack Mock

Ready to kick CONFUSION, UNCERTAINTY, and STAGNATION to the curb so that you can FINALLY leave the classroom? This pack offers the clarity and direction you need to kickstart your own journey confidently – all by TOMORROW!

Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 1.51.56 PM.png

Unlock the power of your transferable skills with this essential workbook tailored just for you. This workbook is your key to confidently articulating the unique value you bring to your future employer. Discover and assess your transferable skills, empowering you to seamlessly transition into your next fulfilling career move.

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Navigating a classroom to corporate career transition requires a strategic approach to showcasing your expertise and capabilities. That's why I've developed these ATS-compatible templates tailored for transitioning teachers like you. These templates are designed to help you effectively highlight your transferable skills and relevant experience as you transition into a career outside of the classroom.

Additional Career Solutions


With networking being one of the most effective tools you can employ during  your job search, you'll need the right strategies and scripts to get the best results. Grab this download  that will take your networking to the next level. 


Shifting to a work-from-home culture brings about a ton of new challenges. That's why this guide was created. This guide was designed for professionals just like you, who are transitioning from a traditional work setting to a work-from-home / remote setting.


Download 45 HD-quality, professional LinkedIn cover photos for the top 13 industries (also includes 6 bonus general backgrounds for any industry).In addition to the photos, we've also included a helpful guide that will walk you through the process of how to change your cover photo on LinkedIn.


Whether you're preparing for a job search or in the midst of one, you'll realize that the process can quickly become a full time job. Our Job Search Success Bundle was designed to help you easily manage your job search as you balance all of the other aspects of your life. With our Job Search Success Bundle you'll effectively speed up your job search and remain prepared when a potential employer reaches out to you!


We know that a job interview can be nerve-wrecking. But preparation is the key to a successful interview. Our Job Interview Success Bundle was designed to help you effectively prepare for your job interview & efficiently keep track of your interviews.

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