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5 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Changing Careers

Change is scary but do you know what's even scarier? Living a life of regret.

Here's the reality, fear exists whenever a change is involved. As a result, you might be allowing that same fear to stop you from going after your goals.

So how do you overcome your fears of changing careers?

1. Redefine your fear

Instead of focusing on your fear of failure...think of other fears you'll be faced with a as result of remaining stuck (e.g. the fear of regret).

2. Research

Spend some time researching your new career path. Finding out as much information about the industry, necessary skills, and challenges will help ease your fears about the next chapter in your career.

3. Plan

"Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail." When you don't have a solid plan, your fears of being successful in your new career will surely overcome you. Take the time to create a realistic plan for your upcoming career change.

4. Focus

Stay focused on the end goal and future possibilities. List all of the positive outcomes that a career change will bring, such as happiness, success, (possibly) more money, less stress, etc.

5. Support

Join a group, find a mentor, or connect with someone in your new industry who can help you sort through and overcome your fears.

P.S. I created a bundle to assist you in your career change. This toolkit includes all of the documents and guidance that you need to pivot or change careers. Click below to get your bundle now!

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