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Resume & Cover Letter



Are you ready to SNATCH the attention of hiring managers and LAND 3X MORE interviews? 

🔏 Access to 3 Resume Templates and 3 Cover Letter Templates created just for Career Changers

🔏 Discover the quick and easy way to create a powerful resume that highlights your transferable skills and relevant experience.

🔏 Get into your dream job 3x faster (no wasting time with a resume template that doesn’t work!)

Starter Pack

Want to Steal the Keys to Your Career Change Success? 

🔏 Empowerment: Gain the tools and knowledge you need to take charge of your career change journey.


🔏 Confidence: Approach your job search with newfound confidence, knowing you're equipped to make the right decisions.


🔏 Clarity: Clear the fog surrounding your career change path and gain a crystal-clear vision of your future.


🔏 Efficiency: Save valuable time and energy by following a proven roadmap tailored to your unique journey.​​​​


Career Change Starter



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 P3 Career Change 



Seeking CLARITY and CONFIDENCE for the next chapter of your career?

Learn How to Uncover your Dream Career, Take the Leap, and Increase Your Income by $20K+ (without needing to start over)!

🔏 Get crystal clear clarity on what you want do in your career with a simple 5-step, proven framework.


🔏  Learn the exact transferable skills you possess that'll make you unstoppable.


🔏 Craft a solid transition plan that fits right into your life and schedule.


🔏 Confidently demonstrate your value without fear of being overlooked or undervalued.​​

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