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to the untuned. So, how will we measure that in their own context? They’re going to have a $900 gift card to (They’re also going to pay a deductible of $300. But since they’re calling the tune and being the ones who set the priority on this being the tune, the deductible is being waived.) How about buying them a small video camera so they can record their life for posterity and keep it up there? So, we’re going to ask them if they can access that $900 Amazon gift card in their own context. If they can, we’re going to throw in a $600 gift card to Amazon. That should create a balance between their own context, their lifestyle and their priorities and their own resources. And, if they can’t access that gift card in their own context, well, they can always re-evaluate it later on. As for what we’re going to do with our Lifestyle Dollars, we’re going to buy a few hundred books for their home library. Again, this is their context, their priorities, their own personal lifestyle and their own personal resources. What I’m hoping is that this will create a balance where the two of them won’t have to worry about money anymore. After all, if the ball is in their court, it is their place and time to live their life and their priorities and their own resources. And if they want a stereo that’s not only in tune with their priorities, but plays the music that they want to hear, then they’re going to have to spend the extra time to put that into their own context. In the end, it’s going to have a much more positive impact on their life than just spending their money on their priorities. So, that’s it, whether you’re a couple, a family, or an individual. Think about how you’re spending your Life Dollars, and how you’re measuring whether they’re in tune with your priorities and with your own resources. And then, have the confidence that you can make a big impact on people’s lives by taking the same steps in your own life.




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