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Why Your Career Change Isn't Working Out

Changing careers is a major life decision that requires proper planning, time, and effort. If you aren't getting the results you hoped for, chances are you are making some critical mistakes that are costing you a chance at your dream job!

Here are FIVE REASONS why your career change efforts are not working:

1. You rushed into it - It's important to take the time to reflect on what made you unhappy with your previous career and what truly brings you joy. Get as specific as you can when looking back at what made you unhappy. Is it because you don't like your office or is it because you didn't feel challenged in your previous role?

2. Your resume isn't working - Take a good look at your resume. Is it too general? Are you tailoring it to the specific role(s) you're applying for? What kind of language are you using in your resume? These are some great questions to ask yourself as you look over your resume.

3. You haven't leveraged your network - Do previous co-workers, family or friends know that you're looking for a new job? They might be able to help! You could also take advantage of LinkedIn, networking events (virtual or in-person), and simply reaching out to people to make connections.

4. You're all over the place - Have you took the time to be strategic about this? Have you done a lot of research to understand what a typical day looks like, most in-demand skills, etc? Or are you applying for any and every position you see online? Take some time to get clear on your goals and include milestones to keep you accountable.

5. You're not fully invested - Are you making time daily to achieve your goals or are you doing the bare minimum? Looking for a job is a job itself and you need to invest time, energy, and sometimes money.

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