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Overcoming Doubt During Your Job Search

Have you ever heard of the saying, “doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will?"

Self-doubt is real. It’s actually the main reason why many people don’t change careers.

Self-doubt is normal. It’s a feeling that you’re going to be faced with when changing careers. But don’t let that feeling keep you from achieving your goals.

Here are a few tips that will help you overcome self-doubt when changing careers.

Realize that the difficult part is only temporary

Whenever I am going through a tough moment in life, I try to think about it as being a temporary moment in time.

A career change doesn’t go on forever, it’s a small fraction of time that has to be sacrificed — and the best part is that the end result will make that sacrifice worth it!

Stay focused on the end goal and future possibilities

Keep your eye on the prize. List all of the positive outcomes that a career change will bring. Happiness, success, (possibly) more money, less stress, etc.

Remind yourself of what will happen if you remain paralyzed by fear

Sometimes we need that reality check.

The reality check in this situation will be: what will your life be like if you continue to stay in a career that you don’t like. Think of that when you begin to feel those fears creep in, that’ll get you motivated to go after your goals!

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