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5 Ways to Create a Resume That Stands Out

Do you feel like you have many things that are unique about you but when you look at your resume it sounds too generic?

A targeted resume is one of the secrets to a successful career change. That's why I am sharing 5 tips to help you reach success!

1. Write a job target/title

Replace the objective statement with a job target or job title that defines who you are as a professional. This gives immediate focus to your resume and also defines the position you're targeting!

2. Add a value statement

Adding a value statement is a quick and easy way to demonstrate your value to employers.

3. Customize the summary

Create a summary that highlights your transferable skills and strengths.

4. Highlight relevant achievements

Showcasing relevant achievements in your resume helps you demonstrate the ways you can add value to a company and also helps you stand out from the competition.

5. Include the extras

Don't forget to include relevant training, volunteer work, courses, certifications, etc. These are crucial elements that can increase your chances of success when applying for jobs.

I created a resume and cover letter template that will help you stand out during your job search.

Click the button below to get your templates NOW.

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