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Grab Your Resume + Cover Letter Templates for TRANSITIONING TEACHERS

Why you need these templates:

  • These templates have helped hundreds of teachers transition from the classroom to $20K+ higher paying corporate careers.

  • Professionally crafted by Elle, an Award-Winning Resume Writer with over 15 years of experience writing resumes for transitioning teachers.

  • Go from instantly rejected to a highly sought after candidate in your classroom to corporate career change with templates that not only get attention but also secure 3X more interviews!

Thanks for submitting!


🔏 3 Resume Templates and 3 Cover Letter Templates created just for Career Changers

🔏 My PDF Guide full of tips, tricks, and guidance to help you create a powerful, interview-winning resume

🔏 Direct access to my video tutorial that walks you through how to create a POWERFUL resume that showcases you transferable skills and relevant experience


1. Is the download digital and printable?


2. How many times can I download my templates?


3. How long will I have access to the download?


4. Can I fill in the information for the worksheets and workbooks on my computer?


5. How many templates are included?

3 Resume Templates and 3 Cover Letter Templates

5. If I have questions, how can I contact you?

Via email or through my website!


I'm Elle!

An Award-Winning Resume Writing Expert with 15+ Years of Professional Experience.

Hey there Teacher Bestie, I'm Danielle "Elle" Holmes, a former classroom powerhouse with 13 years of teaching under my belt, and now the fierce owner of Career Services by Elle.


My specialty?


Empowering burned out and frustrated teachers to ditch the struggle and thrive in higher-paying careers.

Having recently slayed my own career transition, I get it – the frustrations, the burnout, the whole deal.


I'm not just about sharing advice; I'm on a mission to guide bold individuals like you through epic career transformations.


Drawing from my own journey, I'm here to serve up a real-life, authentic perspective on the challenges and triumphs you're bound to face.

Having strutted in your shoes, I'm all in – committed to dropping the knowledge and guidance that'll not only help you conquer obstacles but also slay in your new path.


Your success?


That's my fuel, and I'm pumped to be your ride-or-die as you embark on this game-changing journey.


Let's make those career dreams a reality!

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