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Helping teachers transition to meaningful, impactful, and higher paying careers beyond the classroom


It's time for a career change that reignites your passion and maximizes your impact.

You've made the decision to leave the classroom, but you need inspiration and guidance for the next step.

You're not alone.


I'm Danielle Holmes, and I've dedicated myself to helping teachers like you find fulfilling careers beyond teaching.

I've successfully transitioned from the classroom to a rewarding Instructional Design career, and I understand the journey you're on.

With my personalized coaching, expert resume writing, and invaluable resources, you'll have everything you need to land a career that aligns with your passions, offers meaningful impact, and allows you to thrive.

I'll be with you every step of the way, providing support, celebrating your victories, and ensuring you achieve the fulfillment and balance you deserve.

Your desire for a new, impactful career is valid and achievable. Let's make it happen together.

Are you seeking a more impactful, meaningful, and higher-paying career outside the classroom?

Unlock Proven Strategies for a Confident, Clear, and Effortless Transition!


The Classroom to Corporate Blueprint is your ultimate guide to finding a fulfilling new career path that aligns with your skills and passions.

Inside, you'll discover the strategies that have helped countless teachers successfully transition from the classroom to impactful and rewarding careers.

Don't miss out—download it for FREE for a limited time and take the first step toward your exciting new professional journey!

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Working with Danielle has been an absolute game-changer for me in my journey! It's hard to put into words just how much she has empowered me to overcome my fears and go after a new career path. I can confidently say that without Danielle's guidance and belief in me, I would not have found the courage to leave my comfort zone and accept a new job offer.

- Raquel

Danielle's exceptional career coaching not only enabled me to successfully transition into my a new industry but also led me to securing a remarkable $30,000 salary increase. Her guidance and support went far beyond the typical generic advice, as she recognized and addressed my specific fears and concerns throughout the entire process.

- Dajah

Danielle is an exceptional career coach who has played a pivotal role in transforming my professional trajectory. Her dedication and expertise is what made her stand out among the rest. Unlike any other coach I've encountered, Danielle goes above and beyond to ensure that her clients not only achieve their dreams but surpass them.

- Hamda

Hi, I'm Elle

As a former career dreamer, I completely understand the frustration of being stuck in a career that leaves you feeling unfulfilled and disconnected from your passion and purpose.

Just two years ago, I found myself juggling the demands of being a full-time educator, a devoted mother to two sons, and a loving wife, leaving me constantly stretched thin. The daily grind took its toll, and I realized that my career was negatively impacting both my mental and physical health.

But here's the exciting part: when I finally took that leap of faith and aligned my career with my true calling, it was like finding the key to unlocking my full potential.


Now, I'm here to help you do the same, guiding you through every step of your career change journey to a brighter, more fulfilling future.

My approach is grounded in a deep understanding of the challenges you may face, having been through a similar transformation myself. I combine this personal experience with my extensive expertise in career coaching to provide you with a tailored roadmap, helping you identify your strengths, passions, and opportunities in the ever-evolving job market

Let's embark on this transformative journey together, unlocking your potential and creating a future where work is a source of joy, not just a necessity.


Your dreams are within reach, and I'm here to help you make them a reality.

Award-Winning Career Coach and Resume Writer 


My career  expertise has been featured in: 

1500+ success
stories and counting

Proven success in propelling teachers from the classroom to fulfilling corporate careers

Empowering career shifts since 2007

Classroom to Corporate

Services, Coaching, and Downloads

Yearning for career clarity, confidence, and direction?
Ready to land a fulfilling career outside of the classroom?
Need access to tools, templates, and guides?

Ready to transition from the classroom to a career that truly resonates with your passions and aspirations? Introducing the Classroom to Corporate Career Change Program: a tailored solution designed for teachers like you, actively seeking a fulfilling and impactful career beyond teaching.

The Career Essentials Package for Career Changers is tailored for you if you have a clear vision of what career direction you're pursuing. This comprehensive package includes a targeted resume and cover letter that showcases your transferable skills and experience, as well as a LinkedIn Profile that strategically positions you for success in your chosen field.

These instant downloads will give you access to DIY solutions that have been designed to empower your classroom to corporate journey. Exclusively tailored for transitioning teachers, these downloads will equip you with everything essential for a successful transition to a fulfilling professional path from the classroom to a corporate career.

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My proven strategies have helped teachers like you secure brand new careers at the following companies:


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