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Start thinking about your next chapter in your career before it's too late! There are more negatives than positives when it comes to your current career. If you're not passionate about the work you do or feeling stuck in a dead-end job, it's time to prepare for a career change!

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I was more than ready to switch careers but I had no idea of how to get started. I needed some help and motivation to pivot into a different industry. This bundle was everything that I needed. I couldn't believe how much value I got out of this download!

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Changing careers is scary! I wanted to make sure I was doing EVERYTHING right before jumping into a career field. I downloaded this bundle and now I'm 110% ready! Elle, you truly created a game-changer for people looking to change careers!



For a while now I've been thinking about changing careers. I came across this guide and downloaded it right away. I can't believe how much I got from this download. Honestly, I'd probably still be stuck if I didn't make the decision to purchase this! Thanks Elle!

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Your Resume Writing Expert with

10+ Years of Professional Experience.

I'm a Philly-based Resume Writer, Teacher, Wife, Mother, & Dog Lover!

After years of creating Resumes for friends and family for free, I decided to expand my talents by joining the Resume Writing World!


I trained. I learned. I grew. I excelled.

Then I decided to launch my own company, Career Services by Elle, which  has allowed me to help thousands of professionals from all industries and backgrounds land the jobs of their dreams!

When I'm not writing Resumes, I'm helping my kiddos (middle school students) become superhero readers and writers!

You'll also find me traveling, spending time with my family, dining on delish cuisine, or chilling in my backyard oasis.

I'm Elle!

Need help preparing for your career change or pivot? Here's the perfect, straightforward A-Z

solution that will help you gain clarity and direction!

This bundle will help you EASILY navigate your career change or pivot with a practical guide, tools, worksheets, and templates.