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I was more than ready to switch careers but I had no idea of how to get started. I needed some help and motivation to pivot into a different industry. This bundle was everything that I needed. I couldn't believe how much value I got out of this download!

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Changing careers is scary! I wanted to make sure I was doing EVERYTHING right before jumping into a career field. I downloaded this bundle and now I'm 110% ready! Elle, you truly created a game-changer for people looking to change careers!



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If you’re preparing to change or pivot careers, then you’re probably unsure of where to begin.

There are a few options that you might be considering...

👉🏾 Spending hours Google Searching

👉🏾 Relying on YouTube University

👉🏾 Or simply "winging it"

That might work.

But there’s one HUGE, looming problem...




There's a MAJOR chance you'll be left frustrated and confused because using those methods will not produce reliable results.

And the worst part: using that option will probably make you want to give up on your career dreams 😢




But hold it -- it doesn't have to be that way!

Instead of doing it all on your own, imagine if you were able to get prepared in a way that helps you save time, gain clarity, and get a peace of mind.



Would that interest you?

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The Guide to Getting Unstuck Bundle

The Guide to Getting Unstuck is a practical guide written for the professional who is ready

to pivot into a new career.

Here's what you'll get...


🔏 A simple 6-step process for preparing for a successful career change – this is the same process countless others have used to get great results, and now you can too!

🔏 Practical tips and tricks for getting prepared to exit your job -- this will make the process a whole lot easier!

🔏 An assessment that will help you find out how prepared you are for your upcoming change (or pivot)!

🔏 Resume, Cover Letter, and Thank You Letter templates that will make it a lot easier for you to create career documents that will pass Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)!

🔏 Solid advice to help you get prepared to take a leap into a new career (or new career direction)!

Are you (FINALLY) ready to stop playing small

and go after your career dreams?




This bundle includes a practical guide, tools, worksheets, and templates that will help

EASILY navigate your career change or pivot!


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💥 Guide to Getting Unstuck

💥 How Ready Are You? - Self-Assessment

💥 Exploring Your Next Chapter 

💥 Re-Defining Your Personal Brand Worksheet

💥 Letter of Resignation

💥 10 HD Phone Wall Papers with Inspirational Quotes

💥 Job Application Tracker

💥 3 ATS-Compatible Resume Templates

💥 3 Cover Letter Templates

💥 3 Thank You Letter Templates

💥 Resume Checklist

💥 Personal Branding Statement (Fill-In-The Blank)

💥 List of Tough Questions to Practice

💥 Career Change Networking Script

💥 Carer Change Networking Tips

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is the download digital and printable?


2. How many times can I download the Guide to Getting Unstuck Bundle?


3. How long will I have access to the download?


4. Can I fill in the information for the worksheets and workbooks on my computer?


5. If I have questions, how can I contact you?

Via email or through my website!

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I'm Elle!

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Then I decided to launch my own company, Career Services by Elle, which  has allowed me to help thousands of professionals from all industries and backgrounds land the jobs of their dreams!

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